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    Okay, so I have some entrepreneurial(correct term?) thoughts about a website I would like to create and I was wondering if anyone might know the type of software most car companies use on their websites for their "build your own" option. If you're not familiar, they allow you to have a 360 view of the vehicle and usually options such as changing the color and adding/removing packages including wheels, body kits, etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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      In looking at, it appears that they are using javascript to do most of that.
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        Most would be done with javascript I'd imagine.

        I just bought a new car this past weekend, so I spent a lot of time on Nissan's site doing just that.


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          Thanks for the help guys, I've found plenty of codes for many types of 360 viewers and such but I can't find anyway to allow the customer to be able to change the colors and so on. I'm sorry, I really don't know that much when it comes to java.


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            What you are looking for is a basic javascript image swapper. Just a clever use with the 360 views.

            The user chooses "blue" through a button or image click and the javascript tells the browser to swap the image for all views to blue. You still have to make the blue images, or overlays for the swapper to use. It doesn't automatically change color for you.






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