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  • Not GD, but still cool?

    So I've been missing my 3d modeling lately, started messing around with some new software. Just sharing.
    p.s. - No Photoshop.
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    Moved to the 3D software sub.

    Can you explain a little more about what you did? Is this entirely from scratch, or did you start with some 2D illustrations?
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      Didn't know there was a 3D section :O

      This was started in Solidworks with the use of technical drawings. The rendering was done in Autodesk Alias (which I'm currently teaching myself to model in). I was on a time limit for a portfolio piece which is why it was done in Solidworks first.

      The rendering for this is showing the native quality of Alias, being done on a Macbook Pro, so the software does not require a special graphics card. The textures, reflections, environment, lighting and materials are all in real time.


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        That is really cool. You said there was no Photoshop, so how did you add the display (app icons and such)?

        I wish I had time to tackle 3D, but the learning curve is too steep and the practical value for me would be too small — especially considering that I don't have enough time to even keep up with those things I need to know.


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          Originally posted by <b> View Post
          That is really cool. You said there was no Photoshop, so how did you add the display (app icons and such)?
          That home screen is just something I got from Google. It's basically done like a decal on the model, that way it's pretty much attached to it. The software is smart enough to skew the image how it needs to.

          Learning 3D is tough even when your taking traditional courses on it. I'm only teaching myself a few things so I can maybe do some really cool packaging without having to make a physical piece. I do like to dabble in some industrial design things too. Nothing crazy like a car or anything. Should quit playing around and learn some PHP or something useful.






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