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    This model of ANGELINA JOLIE was done by my Buddy Raymond Moonen a.k.a Rainman.

    What makes this incredible is that it was done in Swift3d. Though it was quite the task, it really shows how you can push this little application.

    Model stats:
    polygons: 35.354
    vertices: 18.219
    filesize: 4.12 MB
    number of bitmaps used: 3 (1 for the face, 1 for the hair and one for the eyes)
    model time: lost track of that


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      ^^ I dont see anything?


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        i see it?


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          hmmm - it looks like my computer is trying to load it but never really finnishes?!

          Edit: shows a red x on my PC (was previously trying on a Mac)
          maybe it's just me?!?!
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            this is good stuff. some of these look like photographs its amazing. good work to all of you they're all wonderful.

            great job

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              I also see it tuff luck S.
              Less be more.


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                I see it, I see it!!

                had to come home to check it out, but after not being able to load the pic all day the suspense was killin me... looks good!
                SIZE DOES MATTER!


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                  Skinns, great work man that looks awesome.

                  Here is some of my stuff from college:

                  Forum Name: mylkhead
                  Location: Cleveland, Ohio
                  Program Used: 3DS Max
                  Description: Stuff

                  You can watch the whole animation here:


                  and also check out my other 3D work while you are at it. I don't really dig 3d as much as I used to though.

                  Brent Simon is God | add me on myspace | Tutorials and stuff | download vector packs

                  aim - mylkhead


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                    She's(ANGELINA JOLIE )looking good. CG people say that angelina jolie is the hardest face to ever model, so nice work, the model has her look.


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                      Forum Name: Miomoto
                      Location: Toronto, Ontario
                      Program Used: C4D, Bryce
                      Description: Abstract Art
                      Dimensions: 800x600

                      I was going for something that was a little new, but still Abstract. I did however use Bryce for the background.


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                        Nice work Miomoto.

                        Tyger, that was done in friggin' Swift 3D!?! How? Besides "very long"?

                        I was close to posting a couple of mine, but after seeing some of the work here, I think I'll pass.


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                          Can you make something like that?
                          Attached Files
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                            3D rendering and animation gallery

                            Hi, we just finished a new project, but it's way to large to put the images here. You can visit it at our web site. It's a series of 3D renderings and animations of the new Atlantis Resort hotel condo.

                            There are also some animations you can download, but I warn you now - they are HUGE.

                            I always value feedback.

                            Steve Bell
                            Archiform 3D


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                              Nice detail going on there Steve. Welcome! Really like what you've got, can't comment much more though, busy...


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                                I'll play. Here's an image I did a while ago. You can tell it's old because it only has 3 blades.






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