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Has anyone heard or used Carrara Studio

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  • Has anyone heard or used Carrara Studio

    I have a copy but I don't really know it very well. I have gotten dagerous enough with the quick quide tour. It just run too slow to learn by trial and error. any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Carrara Studio??

    Umm, yes I've heard that, they say it's good in modeling and rendering but I can't say yes cuz I've never try that one out or ready looked up on it.

    If it was me, I'd suggest you to learn something thats more used in the industry like 3D Studio Max or Lightwave or if you have the money Maya or XSI, thats if you ready want to learn 3D.







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      Changing the color mode using File >Document color mode is what I was talking about
      It does mess with color values and certainly messes with Black. If you go from an RGB file with the Black swatch...
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      I think what's off balance with the Royal Bank logo is the kerning. It's all over the place, especially between the 'Y' and the 'A'.

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      There are literally hundreds of high quality stock photo sites out there.
      As well as font sites.
      There are also lots of sites related to car wrap art that have ''cool stuff.''
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