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Best Books for learning Flash MX2004 and Dreamweaver MX2004??

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  • Best Books for learning Flash MX2004 and Dreamweaver MX2004??

    Just looking for suggestions on which books to purchase inorder to start learning these two programs. Let me know what you guys think!! Thanks!

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    I used Sams but it left me hungry. Honestly the Visual Quick start books are a pretty strong series.


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      I have the Sams book for Dreamweaver but...I....haven't dove too far into it obviously (

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        well the Dreamweaver Bible is a good referrance tool but it doesnt have lessons....

        try the H*O*T series they have lessons in them

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          Instead of taking the time to learn DW, how about learning HTML.

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            I understand HTML because I HAVE HAD to learn it because DW can act like a clumsy puppy at times

            knowing HTML is a plus....

            if anyone plans on being a 'web designer' then HTML IS A MUST

            but if someone is a designer that does web once and a while then DW is fine....

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              If you are going to be a Web designer, then you need more than just HTML.

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                Thanks everyone! I appreciate all the tips. I am currently learning HTML and just wanted to move into DW slowly. I totally understand the need for HTML before anything else. If you can't write the code then you can tweak stuff or even correct issues. Keep the suggestions coming if you got them and thanks again!!


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                  I'd highly recommend ANYTHING put out by 'Friends Of ED'
                  Everything is written in a designer friendly manner, yet the content is very involved.
                  Check out:
                  Foundation Flash MX 2004
                  Foundation Dreamweaver MX 2004


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                    For Web/scripting/programming languages, O'Reilly makes excellent books.

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                      Dreamweaver WTF use notepad lol

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                        For Dreamweaver I highly recommend "Dreamweaver MX 2004, Training from the Source" (a New Riders book I believe, orangish yellow cover, too lazy to get the info). I personally started by coding almost everythingwithNotepad atfirst (ugh...) and started using Dreamweaver during it's 4th installment only after I've learned HTML. It was really easy to use, but then they released Dreamweaver MX and the current MX 2004, which is quite different than Dreamweaver 4, so I had to get this book to catch up. While you're at it, get some books or look online for JavaScript, XML, PHP, ASP (fun reading!!! ), and even trylearning ColdFusion. Knowing just a little bit of these can't hurt. If you're going to be a developer as opposed to a designer, then you really need to learn these. Bottom line, though, is that you need to know HTML. View the source code of some web sites that you like and see what they do; after learning HTML you'd be surprised as to how you can intelligently navigate other people's code (provided they did a good job of coding of course).

                        For Flash, I have tons of books and I still feel like an idiot with it (currently developing my first portfolio site with it). Iwould recommend"Flash MX 2004: Training from the Source" (same publishers and everything as the book I mentioned for Dreamweaver) to get your feet wet. Every other book I have is dated, but they may help such as "The Flash MX Project" (looks like a dirty manilla envelope), "Flash MX Magic" (anyone notice I like New Riders?), and maybe even"Flash deConstruction: Juxt Interactive" which is really dated by referring to Flash 5, but it is really effective in showing how Flash sites actually work and some of the code that is involved as well as the company's process in developing their web sites...if there's anything more up-t- date than that one it would be really cool if someone would let me know about it.

                        Hope that helps.


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                          For Dreamweaver I highly recommend the recycle bin/trash can.

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                            ryan not everyone is dead set on learning every programming language on the web....most of the designers here dont even do web design..... knowing DW is great for most people... My old professor was a web designer and he never even touched anything beyond the psd file... you are very knowledgable with web developement but be considerate when you talk to use code fearing designers.

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                              i am less and less impressed with dreamweaver, but my skill set does not include code. using dw has helped me to understand a's just not perfect. if you want perfect, i guess you'd have to hire ryan!

                              i kick myself that i didn't learn more code earlier, but it is what it is and i find it helpful to see how what i do in the design pane changes code... just take it with a grain of salt, imho.


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