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  • Find, Replace... help?

    InDesign CS3
    Really I need to Find and Delete but I can't seem to work that out. I can find and have used all sorts of replacements but now I have imported some data from the city and I need to remove their extraneous titles on each line. yikes.
    Primary Owner 1: Mary Smith
    I need to take out the words "Primary Owner 1: " and the space after it. There are titles on each line throughout the copy, and 5 empty spaces between the State and the Zip Code I need to delete as well.

    Any ideas how to delete words with Find? Or is there another way?
    looked all through the options, but maybe I am missing something?

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    I can change the mutli space to one space. But still can't find how to delete those words.


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      To find and delete the titles, (assuming they all end with colon-space), go to the GREP tab of the Find/Replace dialog.

      In the Find what: field, type: ^.+\:\s (that's caret - period - plus - backslash - colon - backslash - s)

      ^ = beginning of paragraph
      . = any character, + = one or more times
      \: = colon
      \s = any whitespace

      Leave the Change to: field blank, and click Replace All.
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      • HotButton
        HotButton commented
        Editing a comment
        Note that if all the titles are the same, you could use a simple text Find/Replace. Just Find what you need deleted; "Primary Owner 1: " (without the quotes) and leave Change to: blank. (Leaving the Change to: field blank is that elusive delete method you seek.)

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      That's about as good as you'll get!

      And yeah, leaving the "change to" field blank is your delete "button."
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        Find and replace with nothing aka find and delete
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          Hmm I tried that, the titles are all the same. I kept getting "Cannot find matching field" if I kept the field empty. So I thought I had to put in something in the change to field. But today it works. I was probably too stressed last night getting this done. Or maybe I was in the wrong tool? Works today, thank you!






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