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  • InDesign Vertical Text

    Can anyone help by instructing me on how to create vertical text that can be read from top to bottom (not sideways) using InDesign? So far, we have tried copying from a Word table and pasting from Photoshop, but the results are not very good. I think there must be an easier way to do this directly in InDesign. Please help. Thank you.

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    In Indesign, use the text tool in the vertical "tool pallet" it looks like--T. If you do not see the tool pallet go to the menu bar--window--tools...and the pallet should appear. Click the text tool and click and drag on the your page to create the width and length of your text box. You can tweek the size of the text box by clicking on the selection tool (solid arrow) and hilight your text box and change the numbers in the "transform" tabbed pallet. Select the text tool and click on your text box and type away.
    Last edited by jimking; 04-08-2006, 05:30 PM.


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      Still unsure

      Thank you for your reply. I have been successful in using the text tool. I would like to know if there is an easy way to make text stream vertically (rather than horizontally as it does when typing normally). What I am trying to do is to make words appear vertical (as they would if I were writing not in English, but in Chinese or Japanese). Please let me know if there is any better way to do this than by entering a hard return after each letter, as in this example:




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        Sadly I think the easiest way (aside from doing it in Illy ) is to go ahead and type everything and then go ahead through the entire text and alternate hitting (--> ; enter)
        I've never had enough text that this was a problem. But I agree there should be an easier way, but the type on a path tool sucks for vertical type.
        Former GD. Current Photographer


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          I was way off base! I understand now. I tried every which way in InDesign 2.0. Used the help menu and got my wife involved who is very good at text formatting. She tried using tables. She said that there were features in Word and powerpoint that would allow you to do this and could not come up with the solution in Indesign. I'm wondering if there is a plug-in or extension that would solve this. As designerScott stated Illustrator does it with ease. If you copy and paste vertical text from Illy into Indy you end up with horizontal text. So if you take the Illustrator route you may have to save as an eps or ai and place, instead. Quark seems to do this easily too. There maybe a simple solution that we're not spotting. Someone may chime in when this site is busier with a simple solution. Sorry.
          Last edited by jimking; 04-08-2006, 11:08 PM.


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            Is there a way to do it using tabs in the Paragraph Styles dialogue box? I'm too fried to try to figure it out.


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              this is a cinch

              -make a path (I like to use the Rectangle Frame)
              -Select "Type on a Path"
              -click the side of the rectangle frame you'd like
              -type your copy
              -right click and click "type on a path > options..."
              -click the stair step option
              -change the vertical kerning as you would for horizontal type

              does that help?



              • #8
                Yah, I caught that the first time, but thought the tracking would change based on pt size of text so I veered away from it, in favor of having to change the leading which is a decipherable number. But now that I look at stairstepping again, just keeping the tracking at 750 or so works for all pt sizes as near as I can tell.
                Some weird things still happen with the letter " i " But I haven't compared to how it looks in Illy yet. ( and by yet, I mean I'm too lazy to ever try until I have a project that requires it; so will someone else do it for me. Oh, pancakes I could have done it by now, Oh well!)
                Former GD. Current Photographer


                • #9
                  ( and by yet, I mean I'm too lazy to ever try until I have a project that requires it; so will someone else do it for me. Oh, pancakes I could have done it by now, Oh well!)
                  Now that I have a project that requires it, and I'm still too lazy!
                  How sad is it that I come across this post still trying to look for an answer 2 years later?
                  Indesign CS3 and still no Vertical text in the paragraph styles.
                  Former GD. Current Photographer


                  • #10
                    As a side note. I realized that this isn't even what I want, I just want text to be rotated sideways within a frame, so that my paragraph rule is on the side of the text instead of under it. Grrr.
                    Former GD. Current Photographer


                    • #11
                      Hey, Mr. DesignerScott. You use Illustrator don't you? Very easy to accomplish this there.


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                        Welcome to the forum Swiller. This thread is five years old, and the last reply was almost three years ago. There's plenty of current threads around.
                        This post is brought to you by the letter E and the number 9. Those are the buttons I push to get a Twix out of the candy machine.
                        "I put my heart and my soul into my work, and have lost my mind in the process."


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                          Right! I'll check it out.


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