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Help! How can I created this in Illustrator

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  • Help! How can I created this in Illustrator

    I want to replicate this , can some one please tell me how is this done in Illustrator ?
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    Hi Justinaud and welcome to GDF.

    That looks like a watercolor. If there's a way to replicate that in Illustrator, I don't know what it is. My first attempt would be in Photoshop.

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      This, or something like it. could be possible in Illustrator using custom brushes to make the strokes, followed up by application of transparency and blend modes to get the color interaction. However, as already hinted, Illustrator isn't necessarily the best tool for producing this type of result. Is there some reason you believe you must do it in Illustrator?
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        assuming you are just wanting it it done in vector art . it can be done using auto trace it wont be 100% exact but it can be done close to i just did it for fun and its look almost exactly the same i would post a picture of it but then i would have to covert it back to jpg and that kind of defeats the purpose lol.

        If you need to something like that because its not your own do in in water colors then scan then auto trace
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          I'm with HB. Why do you need to do this in Illustrator? Certainly not the tool I'd recommend and actually could cause possible production issues depending on what you are using it for. Not insurmountable production issues, but the ones I can think of, the solution would be to rasterize the transparency, which, again, might defeat the purpose of taking the time for creating it in Illustrator.

          If you are thinking of Illustrator Vector to use as some sort of color sep in a silkscreen process, stop.
          The minute you involve transparency you become a 4-color process.

          BTW, where did you get the image? Seems it belongs to either some Russian guy or to some Japanese band...
          Funny though, my security system refused to go to the Russian guy's I don't know if it is stock or stolen.
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            Bristle brushes in Illustrator or Photoshop, maybe


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              You can have multiple fonts in any piece of text in AI. Use the Glyph panel from the Type menu. Click with the Type tool to create an insertion point and from the Glyph pane, choose a font that has what you want and double-click on the glyph. Then just cpy and paste into the appropriate position in you bulleted list.






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