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    How do you work with the Adobe suite (photoshop, illustrator), how much do you pay per year? thank you in advance

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    Hi Anis and welcome to GDF.

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      We just purchased the full CC license. Something like $50 per month ($49.99 plus tax because my dumb state taxes software services.)
      So something like $625 per year for the whole Creative Suite per seat. If we add a few more people we'll get the quantity seat discount.

      What YOU pay will depend on what country you live in.

      And if you really want to pay per program.

      Since we use Illy, InD, Photoshop and Acrobat, instead of paying $19.99 per month per software program, it's just cheaper to get the full license and get everything else too. Kind of a no-brainer actually.


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        I pay $18.99 a month for the full suite but it's because I have student status.






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