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Removing page numbers in indd CS6

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  • Removing page numbers in indd CS6

    I need some help with this one. I'm trying to remove the automatic page numbers on the front pages of a book. I have:
    removed them manually from the master page and the individual pages
    removed the master page
    overridden the master page with another
    put ****ing white boxes over the page numbers, bite me.
    I am told to update the page numbering in the book panel to get rid of the numbers but for my life I cannot find the book panel.

    Every time I generate a pdf I get the damn numbers, even with white boxes over the space where the page numbers once were.

    Whats really weird is that previously I deleted other page numbers in the prelims and they're gone. But there are these 6 pages where even there are no longer page numbers on the pages AND there's a white box over the number in the indd doc, they show up on the pdf.

    Any ideas? This is truly driving me nuts

    Thanks gang
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    open the .indb (inDesign Book) file to get the book panel to appear.

    Try changing the master of the pages you are having issues with.
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      Hey Kerning thanks, but exactly what is the .indb?

      In the meanwhile this file must have gotten corrupted somewhere. I finally deleted the pages I didn't want, deleted the master page, saved it as a new document, deleted the old one and emptied the trash... and then opened the new one. This was the only way I could get rid anything
      I realized this when I deleted a map that was in the prelims, when I deleted that entire page, saved the file and saved it as a pdf it would generate with the map.

      Spent 3 hours trying to figure that out last night.

      In the meanwhile how do I take a regular file and open it as a indb?


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        .indb, is essentially a collection of .indd files that are destined for the same project. For example, if you were making a large catalog, you would make a separate indd for each section and bind them together in an indb. This allows you to easily change the order of sections and reduce the load on your machine, amongst other things. if you don't have multiple documents that build a single document then you don't have an indb and you wouldn't have need for the book panel.
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          I always flow the chapters separately on one doc, so probably this would be an intelligent thing to check out. Meanwhile, if I've got the entire book as one large doc (just text so it's not that big a file) is there anyway to access book panel? Which is what I was instructed to do by indd when I went to change the numbers.


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            If you don't want the page numbering on a speific page, drag the None master on top of the page where you don't want the page numbering to appear.


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              Yeah, I did that first. I did everything. (Read my response to Kerning) and then realized the file must be corrupted.


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                But Guys, whats the deal with the book panel and indb? Do I open a new file as a book? How do I manage to use this magic program?


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                  Originally posted by Rachel B View Post
                  In the meanwhile how do I take a regular file and open it as a indb?
                  You don't. By definition, .indb is a sequential collection of .indd's, managed from the Book panel.

                  File > New > Book...

                  Pick a location, name the book file.

                  Book panel opens; click the + button at the bottom to add one or more .indd files.

                  During book building and management operations, Save/Save As using the Book panel menu.

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                    Thanks HotButton!






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