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Acrobat Pro DC- default point size in auto box

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  • Acrobat Pro DC- default point size in auto box

    Hi Folks

    I'm currently creating a bunch of interactive (editable) application forms for a client.

    The default text formatting for every text box on the form is 9 pt Helvetica.

    Client has now decided that with all the address (multi-line) boxes, they don't want scroll bars if there are too many lines for the space allowed (as if the document is printed, there will be information missing).

    To get around this, I set the point size of the box to 'auto' so the more lines the client types, the smaller the point size to prevent scroll bars. This works fine except...

    ... if I type just one line into the address, this looks far bigger than the 9pt default in all the other boxes (see screen grab below).

    Does anybody know of a method of making the default 'auto' size to 9pt (so the first couple of lines will match all the other boxes, and will only drop below 9pt to avoid scroll bars),

    Many Thanks

    Click image for larger version

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    Judging by the number of such inquiries to be found, this appears to be a fairly common scenario. Unfortunately, it looks like there are only a few script-based, partial solutions which come with compromises, and, they are for Live Cycle Designer; not Acrobat. I did find one Javascript solution that looks like it (or something like it) could work in Acrobat. I find it does work with a single line field, but as soon as you switch to multi-line/no scroll, the script has no effect.
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