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Illustrator - This Logo - HOW TO?? HELP!

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  • Illustrator - This Logo - HOW TO?? HELP!

    HOW do you do this logo? I did the replace spine in Illustrator but it's not working out the way I thought it would. I have a client that wants something very similar but my design is not flowing the same. The dots toward the center just kind of jumble together, not like the look of the logo in the link below. I know there has to be an easy way to do this, I just don't know how!!! I'm under the gun and I can't seem to figure it out. Please help!
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    Make one arm of the spiral using the second method shown here:

    After you make one arm, rotate copies of the arm around a central point, leaving one space blank.

    If you really are going to apply a gradient to it (not recommended for logos) you make all of the dots a compound shape and apply a radial gradient from the center out.


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      I don't think that a gradient has been applied. So I would use the Blend tool and change the spine to a spiral. Tp make it fit cut with the scissors on an endpoint to mak th circles fit the spiral an then use the rotate tool…

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    Click image for larger version

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    Looks like a gradient to me.
    You can muck around with the blend tool all day. It is the wrong tool for the job.
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