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Indesign gutter (space between columns) width and alignment

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  • Indesign gutter (space between columns) width and alignment

    I'm quite new to Indesign and am trying to work out how to work with gutter width.

    I created a new document, set the gutter and can change it through Layout>Margins and Columns.

    If I then draw a text frame across the page and give it two columns, and set the gutter the same as the main page (say both are 5mm), how do I get the gutters to align if the text frame doesn't stretch across the page from margin to margin? If I zoom in, the alignment is very slightly off. Moving the frame left and right doesn't line up the gutters.

    What to do?


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    If the text box doesn't go from margin to margin the gutters will not align. Either set the text box to fit the margins or use separate, linked text boxes instead of one box with 2 columns.
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      Ok, got it, thanks.






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