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  • How to Display Portfolio Images

    I donít know if I have put this in the right forum but my question is does anyone have any tips for saving up images of your design work for your website. I am doing a website for my graphic design work but just a shot of the logo, invitation etc looks boring. Is there any article online or notes on how to best display your work. I was already told off about using design mockups. I only have my cell phone to take images.

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    It's upto you how you display your work, Who's told you off for using mock-ups?

    I would look at various different sites see how they've done there's to give you inspiration and check out - creativebloq loads of tips / articles on there about portfolio both online and offline and this months computer arts is aimed at portfolios so well worth a read and also look at back issues etc


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      Thanks Neon Thunder. I got told off right here on this forum when I asked for help with a mockup that I had bought. I will take a look at the link.


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        Mock-up PSD are extremely helpful, Use them loads to show clients how things look in context. I'd have ago at some photograhy of your work but its not easy and is time consuming

        Like I said do what you feel is right for you, aslong as your not claiming the someones elses work and you have the rights to use the mock up for your own work then it's fine.

        It's better to present your work well using mock-ups than using shite photographs.


        • PrintDriver
          PrintDriver commented
          Editing a comment
          It's better to present your work well using mock-ups than using shite photographs.
          While shite photos will get you absolutely nowhere fast, inappropriately used mockups are just as bad. Properly photographed work that was actually produced will get you farther than a rendered mockup which makes it look like your work is faked. Yep, I said faked. As HotButton mentioned in that other thread I linked, a mockup might best be presented next to the actual piece as a screenshot of the digital layout or a studio photo of the final piece.

          These days, even the general public puts down obviously faked internet imagery with the derogatory ''that was Photoshopped'' statement.
          Don't fall into that category with your portfolio.

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        We have a whole thread going on right now about how to use mockups in a portfolio.
        It really depends on who your portfolio is geared toward. Are you looking for clients? Or are you looking to get hired.


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          Thanks! I will take a look at that thread. I am really looking for both - to get hired and also to find clients.


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            Good Question.. I Really Appreciated Your Thinking..Keep it Up






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