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InDesign PDF Export - Blacks turning Grey

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  • InDesign PDF Export - Blacks turning Grey

    Hi Guys

    Got a really weird problem at the moment whereby my blacks are exporting as grey when I use the standard 'Press Quality' export PDF settings.

    I've never had this problem before, so I suspect it's after a recent InDesign upgrade (using latest CC version).

    I've been into prefs -> 'appearance of black' and tried 'output blacks accurately' and also 'output all blacks as rich black' in the printing/exporting setup. Neither of these make any difference.

    I mixed up my own rich black with 40% cyan and 100% black, still outputs as grey. However, if I open the PDF in Photoshop and measure the colours, it is 40% cyan and 100% black ... it just 'looks' grey!

    I've attached a screen grab of the blacks in InDesign and also a grab of how they look in Acrobat when I open the exported PDF.

    Both blacks actually print exactly as they should, so it appears to be an 'on screen appearance' problem. However, I can't proof any files that look this bad!

    Any ideas folks?


    Click image for larger version

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    Is this a PDF you are sending to a printer for print? Or a client for soft proofing on their monitor?

    Check that your destination profile is correct in the Indesign Export box. For a while I think one of the recent-past InDesign updates mucked that up somehow as I was getting a LOT of rgb conversion pdfs from clients, but the latest version seems to be ok.

    Or you could try exporting out of InDesign as a PDF X1-a and see if that makes a difference. But don't hand that off to the printer unless they will take it that way.


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      Cheers PD, I'll give it a try!!






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