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  • Illustrator Intersect tool

    Hey all, im about to come to blows with my beloved computer, if i cant figure out what im sure is a very simple tool.

    Ok, so what i have is some shapes and a whole heap of horizontal lines which ive expanded into shapes. Im trying to get the lines to intersect the shapes therefore creating lined shapes.

    Ive scoured the intraweb for step by step instructions and have found what i need to do but when i get to the select the shapes and the lines then simply press the intersect button and sha-bang-abang its done, i get an error message saying "The filter produced no results. Please select two overlapping paths"


    What am i doing wrong? I would be super grateful if someone could help me out here.

    Ive uploaded a copy of what im working with. Sorry couldnt figure out how to attach a .ai file
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    You want the lines to Cut away from the text? Or you want them to become one solid shape? or... you want the text to cut away from the lines?
    Those lines... make sure you've "outlined Path/Stroke" first. Otherwise it wont work. Also make sure the text is outlined also.


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      Try selecting all the lines and making them a Compound path first.
      Then all the shapes and making them a compound path second.
      Then make sure you know the stacking order and in Pathfinder use either minus front or minus back depending on what you are trying to knock out of what.


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        And one more thing! This something you forget that's quite simple. They must be different colors. Pathfinder gets confused with two shapes of the same color. It doesn't matter what colors they are, you can always change it after the merge or dissection.


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          Never had a problem with the same color and Pathfinder. I have to release compound paths on logos quite often in order to do setup, which dumps all the counters to the same fill as the letters. Minus Front works. Same goes for Divide and crop. That has to happen a lot too.
          What doesn't work is trying to use a single pen line with a stroke thickness to minus front. It'll divide, but will ignore the stroke thickness.
          A good reason why Logos should always have all strokes converted to outline. (slightly off topic...)


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            I opened up your PDF, combined the shapes, and it worked as expected. The transparent, compound path areas inside the letters filled in, of course,

            Are you using the drop-down menu items or the ones in the palette? Which items in the menu or palette or you choosing?

            For what it's worth, I'm using CS6 (still prefer it to CC).


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              Morning all, Thanks for your help. I managed to achieve the look i was after by using the shape builder tool. I must be missing something because the suggestions some of you made just didnt work.

              Thanks again for your help.






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