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indesign - help with understanding tables (which hold our pricing grids)

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  • indesign - help with understanding tables (which hold our pricing grids)

    i am redoing a catalog our former design partners did ---they constructed the catalog in indesign....however i am not an indesign power user and i don't understand these tables they did all our pricing in. basically 90% of in design i can do...but when i try to even copy and paste a pricing grid or change it --all the formatting goes whacky or wonky---any help or vids you know of are appreciated---basically i am trying to understand how to work with their tables

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    The major thing to understand about tables in ID (QuarkXPress too) is that they reside inside text frames. I find for myself, it's much easier to work with them if I recall that bit of info. Editing the size of the frame the table is in may or may NOT alter the size of the table, depending on how it was set up. It's best to size the table first THEN the frame containing it.

    Since the table is inside a text frame, it means you need to use the type tool for interacting with the cells of the table. As you roll over a diagonal or vertical line you'll see the cursor change to little arrows. That means you can click and drag to size the cell.

    If you want to select multiple cells click in one cell, hold and start dragging across the number of cells you want to select. You can then use the Tables menu to make any changes you need to make to these cells.

    Remember, it's all done with the text tool.
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      thanks...ill play around






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