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Illustrator - Need help with with fitting circles in corners

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  • Illustrator - Need help with with fitting circles in corners

    Hi guys
    Click image for larger version

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    i am trying to achieve the attached
    see those round curves (white) drawn along withe grey circles/boxes
    i would like to know/learn how those circles are set on the grey lines, how do i snap a circle without anchor points in this case
    any step by step help would be highly apprecaited


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    Illustrator isn't a drafting program. There are some things it doesn't do easily.
    Like finding arc length and height of chord to arc.
    Or at all, like accurately rotating an iso shape using the 3D rotate tool. You will often get lines that don't stay true vertical like they are supposed to.

    First you need to know the radius of the arc in question to get a circle with the correct diameter.
    Then you need to be able to snap it into place and smart guides aren't going to help you much.
    I have a plug-in I use to determine radius corner dimensions that also makes Illustrator more like a CAD program. I would use that. (Hotdoor's CADTools)

    If I were doing this without the plugin, it would just be by eyeball in wireframe (outline) view with the smart guides turned off.
    How accurate does it need to be?

    Are you doing something exactly like the isometric drawing shown?
    And what is the purpose of the circles?
    I ask because the way those circles are drawn flat to an isometric drawing shows complete lack of understanding of the relationship of circles to rounded corner radii. If I saw something like that in a portfolio, and IF it was representing a 3D object in space, it would get binned immediately.


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      A long, long time ago, I used to work as a technical illustrator for Unisys. I'd create the techical drawings for their mainframe computer user manuals.

      Anyway, I could repeat what PrintDriver has already said, but I'll just say he's correct. Illustrator can be precise, but it's not precise in the kinds of ways needed for technical drawings, nor does it have many useful features for working in 3D.

      For example, the circles you've drawn should not be circles (as PD mentioned). Instead, those circles need to be rotated in a three-dimensional space to be parallel to the planes on which the curves exist. This being the case, the circles and the curves would appear to be elliptical, not circular. Illustrator won't calculate these kinds of things for you.

      As for precisely lining up circles and/or ellipses to various line segments, again, Illustrator wasn't designed for that kind of thing. Snapping anchor points to guidelines is easy enough, but snapping line segments to one another is best done by zooming in as much as possible, then visually aligning what's there. For most Illustrator users, that's more than good enough. For precision technical illustration work, eyeballing things often isn't precise enough.


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