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Illustrator: measure the distance between two points

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  • Illustrator: measure the distance between two points


    I need to measure the exact distance between two anchorpoints. How can I do that? I don't need to measure the length of a line segment, but the distance between two points.

    Thanks a lot!

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    If you are just measuring a height or offset,
    Make a rectangle that encompasses the line segment (with smart guides turned on so it will snap to the anchor points)
    Or select the two points individually with the white arrow and use the Transform palette and do the math.
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      What's wrong with the measure tool that sits with the eyedropper.


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        Starting click doesn't snap to point, even with Smart Guides turned on. The end point does, if the design isn't too cluttered.
        Depends on how accurate you want to be. Illustrator is not a CAD program. That's why I use the CADTool plugin. Everything snaps in that.


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          Originally posted by Lord Daz View Post
          I don't need to measure the length of a line segment, but the distance between two points.
          I'd have to contend that the distance between 2 points and the length of a line segment between them would be the exact same thing, so why not just use that? I haven't timed it or anything, but it will undoubtedly take longer to type this response than it would to tap the A key (to pick up the Direct Select tool), marquee-select the points, press Ctrl+J (to join them with a line segment), glance at the Info panel (to get the length of the line segment, hence the exact distance between the points, and press Ctrl+Z (to undo and return to the previous state).
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            Sometimes you need the vertical, horizontal or angular distance between two points not connected by a line segment...


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              True, but that's not how I read the question. In any case, temporary helper objects (as you also suggested) always provide a way.

              The Measure tool would be useful too, if it was Smart Guides-enabled.





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