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lines changing in illustrator when cropping image

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  • lines changing in illustrator when cropping image


    I'm trying to make a repeatable tile in illustrator. I create the tile, create a clipping mask, and then crop in pathfinder. All is fine until I crop it. Once I do this the lines change (see image) . someone suggested cropping the dartboard, but I need the image itself to be cropped or it won't repeat.

    Any advice?

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    Hi Fchiorando and welcome to GDF.

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      I can't tell from that image what your problem is exactly. Can you show a before and after without the paths selected?

      I guess I'm not understanding why you are using both a crop and a clipping mask either.

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        Wait, why are you cropping it? Why not just stick with the clipping mask? Using the crop tool in pathfinder does reduce your shapes to a unified stroke weight.
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          If the stroke weight change is the problem, try outlining the strokes first.
          (still not quite seeing it.)






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