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Auto placing multiple PDF pages on specific position on Artboard in Illustrator

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  • Auto placing multiple PDF pages on specific position on Artboard in Illustrator

    Hi everyone,

    I am wondering if anyone knows how to solve this problem because, unfortunately, I couldn't find the solution over the internet.

    The thing is, since I am working in a printing company, I want to make some things easier and faster and I am sure this can make life (work) easier to many other print designers.

    I am receiving a PDF's with multiple pages and I need to set them up on a specific place on artboard in Adobe Illustrator CC (artboard is about 5 times larger size then 1 PDF page). It requires 4 pages per 1 artboard on a specific position.

    I have found a way to place automatically 20 pages on 20 artboards in just 40 seconds in one Adobe Illustrator file but, unfortunately, that is not exactly what I need. *did that with a script / if anyone needs, I'll refer you to the link of a free script - not illegal just to make sure no one get confused.

    I am sending you the link of the uploaded image of artboard with 4 PDF pages on it on a specific places:

    Now think of 100 different pages (all same size) that I need to open separately every time and place them into 4 per artboard.
    If anyone know any free software, plugin, script or other idea fot this, i would appreciate it a lot. I was searching for a days and couldn't find anything else then I mentioned in the begging of this post.

    Thank you, and if I find the solution meanwhile, I will post it here.

    Best regards, Goran

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    if you are working for a print company, I'm confused why this isn't set up either pre or post rip as an imposition.
    Using Illustrator is just adding to the kettle of confusion.


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      I suppose you have your reasons, but why are you breaking apart multipage PDFs to impose them? Won't imposition software work for this project. And using illustrator for this seems especially puzzling.


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        Right^ if your idea of using Illustrator to impose pages would make:

        Originally posted by legend91 View Post
        ...some things easier and faster.... on earth have you been doing it up til now?
        I'd rather be killed than come to your party, but if you don't invite me, I'll kill myself.


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          Here's a plug-in for Acrobat
          It ain't free...
          And I haven't tried it, but if Enfocus stands by it, I will too.


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            PrintDriver, that is the exactly one I heard long time ago and I couldn't remember the name at that time. I am sure I will try it very soon (in next few days) and you guys will get the feedback does it really do this job good.

            Let me try to quick answer on your questions about "how I was doing till now" and "why am I using Illustrator for this".

            Software in post rip process has the ability to personalize with a specific font we choose, but we can not use fonts with effects (outer glow, shadow, gradient color etc.) so we are limited with standard fonts we choose.
            And when there is a job with "must have effect on, for example, names or numbers" I was placing it on sheet one by one, 4 on a sheet, and then print and as a final process, cutting.

            Many more reasons are included about this WHY I couldn't do this in post rip process, we have many variations in our printing on multiple printers, multiple templates etc, but I gave you above the main one.

            So I hope Quite Imposing will do this instead of me, and I can't wait to try it.

            Thank you guys for your very fast respond and for a given solution, and soon as I try it I will post my experience with this PDF plug-in.

            Best regards,


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              Ladies, gentlemen,

              just to give you a feedback about this post. Meanwhile I have found Montax Imposer and I am very satisfied with it.

              I have bought this software recently, standalone version, and it really do it's job. I've found that this software is a cheaper for a longer use and it does just enough what I need.

              Once again, thank you very much for your help, and I can, as a personal user of this software now, give a recommendation to everyone who have struggled with a same problem as I did.

              Here is a link of Montax Imposer website just in case you would like to try it or buy it:

              Thank you very much everyone and best regards!

              Sincerely, Goran






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