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llustrator CC - Cut simple SVG shape

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  • llustrator CC - Cut simple SVG shape


    So I got this file of a simple svg shape. I need to cut off the white part, but I can't find how to do it. I tried to search on yt and google but I pretty much think that I don't know exactly what to looking for.
    For some reason the eraser tool don't work. I also tried to use the pen tool without success.

    I just need to keep the black part and get rid of the white one. I need to add this to a webpage.

    I attached the file in question to this post.

    I appreciate even if someone just point me to the right tutorial to follow so I can learn how to do this. Thanks!

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    Not many people here will take a chance on downloading and opening a zipped file. I must be dumber than most, but I went ahead and did so without any problem.

    Even though your file is an SVG file, the shape inside it is a placed raster image. You can move the raster shape around in Illustrator, but you won't be able to edit the shape itself without cutting and pasting it into Photoshop. On the other hand, that shape would take about ten seconds to redraw in Illustrator, but I'm getting the impression you don't know a whole lot about using Illustrator (which makes it a bit tougher).

    Here's a quick-and-dirty way of getting something you can edit, though. Open the SVG file in Illustrator, select the shape, then head up to the Object menu and choose the Expand submenu item. Click the OK button, and the raster shape will be converted into a shape that you can edit. It won't be an ideal shape becauses it'll have a bunch of unecessary points on the path, but at least you can work with it. Really, though, it would be better to just use the pen tool and trace over the thing.


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