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Need help with Illustrator: Resizing artboard along with content

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  • Need help with Illustrator: Resizing artboard along with content

    Hi guys!

    Does anyone know how to resize artboard along with all of its content? I have an artboard that is 1280 x 720. But now I wanna resize it to 1920 x 1080, and I can't seem to find a way to resize the artboard AND its content in one operation. So i gotta resize the artboard and manually resize the content, which then won't align along very well.
    Any help is appreciated!

    Thank you!

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    Not without a script.

    If you don't have junk hanging off the artboard, make a box the size of your current artboard, set at 0-0, then select all, and scale using the transform palette with the aspect ratio locked. Deselect all then just select the box that is the size of your new artboard, go to Objects>Artboards>Convert to Artboard. Then delete the old artboard.

    If you have junk hanging off the artboard, that doesn't work, unless you actually do the math and use the percentage scale tool. In this case your math is 150% to go from 1280 to 1920.


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        Almost like PD's method, and not "one operation," but you could:
        1. Draw out a rectangle the size of your current artboard, aligned with its edges
        2. Select all
        3. Enter the larger dimensions in the H: and W: fields of the Transform panel
        4. Double-click the Artboard tool and choose Fit to Selected Art from the Preset: menu
        5. With the Selection tool, click the pasteboard to deselect, then select the rectangle drawn in step 1 and delete
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          HB, that transform palette only works if they don't have junk hanging off the artboard and if they crosslink the aspect ratio. But still a good solution, even if using the Scaling tool. Didn't realize Illustrator had a Fit Art option. Thanks!


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