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    A logo is the first impression for any brand, as per my view only logo can create your first corporate brand image.
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    It's sort of the Dadaist approach to design, I guess.
    Yesterday, 11:48 PM
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  • Rasterizing in InDesign?

    Is there a way to rasterize a colored text box in InDesign? When I try to print, the colors are really messed up...kind of like in Illustrator if you print without rasterizing first. I've also exported it to a PDF and got the same results.


  • #2
    You could rasterise your pdf in photoshop, but if the pdf is bad then it may look bad there too. If you're printing to a postcript printer you may get bad results if your file is not set up correctly. make sure all your colour setting are correct etc..


    • #3
      Can you be more specific about the colors being messed up? I've never rasterized anything before I print out of Illy. And the colors are fine.
      "Lucy, you got some 'splainin' to do!" - Ricky Ricardo


      • #4
        Basically when I print, the color isn't even remotely close to what it's supposed to be. I'm pretty sure that my color settings are fine but maybe not. It is being sent to a PS printer, maybe that's where the problem is.


        • #5
          But rasterizing helps the color problem? I've just never heard of that. It sounds like something needs to be tweaked in your printer settings.
          "Lucy, you got some 'splainin' to do!" - Ricky Ricardo


          • #6
            Also, the photos that are placed in the indesign file print fine. It's just vector art from Illy and colored text boxes in indesign that print wrong.


            • #7
              Originally posted by urstwile
              But rasterizing helps the color problem? I've just never heard of that. It sounds like something needs to be tweaked in your printer settings.
              Yeah, if I rasterize the vector art and then place it in the indesign file it prints fine.


              • #8
                Like I said, it sounds like something needs to be tweaked with printer settings. Rasterizing vector art completely defeats the purpose.

                Sorry I can't be more helpful. Are the pre-rasterized colors spot colors?
                "Lucy, you got some 'splainin' to do!" - Ricky Ricardo


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