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  • designzombie
    Comment on Design Management | Graduate Student (SCAD)
    Then the grad program should be titled "Design Process Management." And the principles of good design aren't any more relevant to print than they are to electronic media.
    Today, 06:02 PM
  • farmgeek
    Reply to Critique for my own logo.
    this version has eyes, nose, mouth knocked out. Dog reflected and moved over......
    Today, 05:06 PM
  • farmgeek
    Comment on Critique for my own logo.
    Thanks Craig-- good ideas. I don't think this it a total solution but I have a version where I knocked out the eyes and mouth that I'll upload.

    Ultimately It might take something like...
    Today, 04:58 PM
  • CraigFDR
    Reply to Critique for my own logo.
    Hi farmgeek. Welcome to the forums.

    I agree that the drop shadow can be dismissed. In my earlier days I thought shadows were awesome as well, but realized that it makes things a bit too busy...
    Today, 04:20 PM
  • farmgeek
    Comment on Critique for my own logo.
    Thanks for the feedback PrintDriver. Agreed on the drop shadow-- it's been on the chopping block.

    The dot is supposed to be a ball- he stole it from the i.
    Today, 03:40 PM
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  • Illustrator gradients are full of bands...

    I see all these logos out there with gradients and none of them seem to have the banding effect that I am getting when I do gradients in Illustrator. I want to be able to produce a quality gradient effect. Is there something I might be missing? Pls help me out!!

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    dont think sooo, banding usually occurs on the printers end, not yours (i might be wrong on this one) ive never had to worry about gradients banding.

    anyone else??

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      If you compress it too much you will get banding, but this shouldn't happen within illustrator itself.
      Try playing with the gradient slider and the little diamond.
      Is there a setting somewhere that sets the number of steps in a gradient?
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        make sure your screen resolution is set to 'TrueColor' (24 Bit) shouldnt be getting any banding colors then


        • #5
          You guys....

          The banding is caused by Illustrator. Illustrator grades suck if they are over 4' in length or are in the certain colors your printer hates. Blue tends to band the worst with lines of pink showing as it approaches white.

          The best way to not get banding is to create the grade in Photoshop and place it in Illustrator if at all possible.
          Also, check your blend options and make sure it is Smooth, not stepped (Object>Blend Options).

          PrintDriver is a large format digital print dude. His advice/opinions may not apply to the 4color/offset/web world of printing


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            ^^nice tip^^

            i only ever get banding in illustrator if a) it's huge or b) i'm exporting it as a gif. in which case, i just adjust my export settings. any of this helping cat?

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              I have never had the problem you speak of PrintDriver, I work in Illustrator almost religiously printing out several 24'x32' full scale posters with graidents, and I havnt seen banding with gradients on decent laser printers ( small or big ). The only thing that happens is if you dont use Pastone colors, it will be a very hard rough blend, but never banding.


              • #8
                Do you do the output on the laser printers? Or does someone else?
                Who does the poster output?
                You see, we 'fix' gradients on a regular basis. If the file is not too complex it's no charge. Like if the client provides pantone color numbers for start and end colors and there is only one or two uses. That is easy. In large format (and I'm talking at least 48' wide by some serious length) the gradients WILL band from Illustrator. Guaranteed. Especially in the blue. See image below. It's very subtle in the image below but you can see how the color waves from dark to light to dark to light. that is Illustrator banding. And it can get very interesting when output at 1200%

                What do you mean by a hard, rough blend?

                Banding as D-Frag describes (what can happen at a printer) is you will sometimes get lighter stripes where the print head doesn't quite get full coverage on a pass. Depending on the printer, all large format inkjet has some of this head banding. With an hp5500 you will see it if the print is run under 600dpi printer speed at about every 1/8' or 1/16'. I can still see it on prints run at over 600dpi but most people can't at reading distance. On the larger billboard machines, depending on the tech (some have better control of their machines than others) and whether double strike is used, you will see it every 1/2'. Usually some colors head band more than others, again especially the blues and sometimes the reds. This can sometimes be corrected but many times it is a fact of life. The faster the machine is run, the more banding you will see.
                Lambda (large format photo) is continuous tone. You will only see Illustrator banding in those prints as there is no 'printhead' on a Lambda printer (or a Lightjet either).

                PrintDriver is a large format digital print dude. His advice/opinions may not apply to the 4color/offset/web world of printing

                Post Edited (PrintDriver) : 7/25/2004 2:53:39 PM GMT


                • #9
                  I thought Cats Eye was talking about gradients having wide sections of a single shade rather than a smooth transition from one color to the next. Selecting 'Smooth Color' in the Blend Options should fix it, though, shouldn't it?



                  • #10
                    The example above is with Smooth Color selected.
                    If you've seen Cats Eye's banner logo in the Showcase you can see the stepped grade. Might be more in the way it is is being saved rather than a function of Illustrator. Jpgs and gifs and pngs can do stupid things sometimes when the res is turned down.

                    PrintDriver is a large format digital print dude. His advice/opinions may not apply to the 4color/offset/web world of printing


                    • #11
                      I work at a large format printing company as well. (running vutek 2360's and HP designjet 9000's) I have just spent all day getting banding out of some 200x100 wall cover gradients, and I can attest that both illustrator and photoshop do have gradient banding inherit in the programs, although photoshop is much better. According to my print manager (been doing this for 20 years) photoshop had great gradients until 5.0, then something changed. We had to do some weird 3m fast dither stochastic rip in order to make it print unnoticably. It'd be great if adobe addressed this issue..


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                        Thread resurrected.
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                          gonna close this up to prevent confusion
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                            Wow lots of old MIA friends in this thread. Benjamin, ylaenna and the immortal Zartan


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