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Starting out..what to get..CS Premium or CS Standard?

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  • Starting out..what to get..CS Premium or CS Standard?

    Hi folks. I was just wondering for someone starting out in graphic design (print), would it be better to get the CS suite Premium (with GoLive and Acrobat), or would the Standard suite (without GoLive and Acrobat) suffice? I just wanted to start off first learning print before getting into the web too much. Still, I also wonder if getting the Premium would be better in the long run. I'm also trying to save money if I can (lol). Any thoughts or opinions on this would be most welcome.
    Thank you all for your time.


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    Get the Premium.
    Having Acrobat is DEFINITELY worth it.

    PrintDriver is a large format digital print dude. His advice/opinions may not apply to the 4color/offset/web world of printing


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      yeah, i agree with PD. if you can afford the extra $200 or so, it would definitely be worth it

      ...and remember, tuesday is soylent green day


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        Definately get the Premium. You will need Distiller down the road.

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