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Creating a booklet in indesign that can be centre stapled??

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  • Creating a booklet in indesign that can be centre stapled??

    I've created an a5 booklet in Indesign for a brief at college. The pages go in correct sequence from 1 - 19 including cover.

    I've printed it but have to stick the sheets back to back.

    I've tried duplex but it prints upside down and with pages on single sheets.

    Any help really appreciated lol!

    I want to print it like the booklet in the following pics.

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    First you need 20 pages, not 19, it needs to be divisible by 4. Then got to file>inbooklet. I would click off on everything including creep, you don't need it for a book that small. Save as a new document and your book will be set up in printers spreads. Now you need to print it duplexed, top-top, or top-bottom, you'll just need to figure out which.






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