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  • to shift or remove upper 1/4 of a letter?

    Im trying to design a file to be CNC'd on a die for letterpress. But what I'd like to do is kind of **** up the text. Think for example of laying a line accross a word. Maybe its 1/4 the height away from the top. Now I want to take everything above that line and delete it, or shift it to the right or left. What is the best way to do this considering I need a nice vector file for CNC'ing later on?

    Thanks a ton

  • #2
    Convert your text to outlines.
    Draw a line.
    Use Pathfinder. Set the options so divide deletes unfilled/unstroked parts.
    Select line and text. Use Pathfinder > Divide.
    Double check that you only have letter parts. CNCs are stupid machines. They'll follow anything in the file.


    • #3

      Okay followed that process but the line just disappears when I click divide.


      • #4
        Is your text converted to outline?


        • #5
          You may have to select your text and create a Compound Path so all of it gets cut.


          • #6
            If you have CS3 or 4 you can just use the eraser while holding down the shift key so it is straight. It will close the paths behind itself.


            • #7
              The smallest eraser is 1 point.. That leaves quite a gap.


              • #8
                Originally posted by PrintDriver View Post
                Is your text converted to outline?
                Thanks I think I made some headway..

                Now the paths arent closed. Is that what youd expect?


                • #9
                  They should be closed shapes.. They may be grouped but they should be closed.
                  You sound like you are using the scissor tool.
                  Pathfinder is a palette.
                  Window> Pathfinder.


                  • #10
                    Originally posted by PrintDriver View Post
                    The smallest eraser is 1 point.. That leaves quite a gap.
                    True, it would only work for the deleting option. Use the knife tool then, it doesn't leave any gap at all.


                    • #11
                      Hmm...never used the knife. Can you tell it where you want it to cut with numbers or is it an eyeball thing? (my CS3 is at work. )


                      • #12
                        It's not particularly precise, you do it with the mouse.


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