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Converting Stroke to Outline???

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  • Converting Stroke to Outline???

    I would like to convert the path below containing dashes & gaps to individual objects. (Each "tread" an individual object)

    I've tried Object/Path/Outline Stroke. That only turns the entire path to one solid outline.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Adobe Illustrator? Then use object>Expand Apperance.


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      Thanks Mickey...

      Expand Appearance is grayed out.


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        Did you try the above after outlining path?

        other wise having outlined path already

        try object>clipping mask> release or
        object>compound path>release

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          AI doesn't seem to Expand dashed strokes. If you have CorelDraw, you can import/open it there because it does.

          Another way is to Export the object as a WMF out of AI and then Place this back in. If you have rounded caps, these get dropped, but you can add them back again. Oh, and watch out for the WMF RGB space conversion.


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            Hold the phone.

            I'm in AI10, and just discovered that using the 'Flatten Transparency' function with Vector at 100 and 'Convert all Strokes to Outlines' on works great for this situation.


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              Broacher, thank you, man.
              I been looking for that for a while. Now why didn't I try Flatten. It's right there just asking to be tried. Don't know what's happened to my sense of adventure.

              PrintDriver is a grande format digital print dude. His advice/opinions may not apply to the 4color/offset/web world of printing


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                Hey Broacher,

                A million thanks... worked perfectly. I needed to get rid of the top half of the track. Just had to ungroup, select and delete. I'm no expert by any means, but I would never have thought of 'transparency' as having anything to do with this problem. <G> Thanks again.

                Thanks Ollie,

                Clipping mask/Release was grayed out. I had tried Compound path/Release after Stroke to Outline, that just created two solid objects. But it was worth a try.

                I do use Corel 10 and I will still try the other suggestions just to see if they work... if they do, I'll add them to my growing list of new ways to skin cats.

                Thanks to all.






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