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  • Adobe Student Versions FAQ

    Here is Adobe's link on the North American license for student version software.
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    psst, PD... the link has since broken...
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      Looks like the link got butchered somehow. Too long for GDF?

      Edit: Fixed it, I think. PD, can you confirm that's the correct one? For some reason, the forum was mangling the name, so I put it into a tinyURL link.
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        yep, it's working now Urst.
        I checked it at work after posting and it seemed fine.


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          Just an update:
          Adobe has a new section of their site with a more comprehensive FAQ and info on the different versions/pricing (up to 80% off, depending on the version) of the Student Editions:


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            Adobe Student Versions

            I need Design Premium CS4 urgently for my course at university here in the UK.

            At first, I found a cheap price from an Adobe Reseller online. However, they said I would have to fill out forms for Adobe and we currently have a raft of postal strikes in the UK and time is of the essence. Their price after taxes and shipping was actually higher too. So I decided to order direct from Adobe.

            I opened an Adobe support case to provide an electronic copy of my student ID with the required information and picture on. I then tried to buy online without success because the website will only take Mastercard, Visa, or Solo cards. The first two are credit card versions and the last one is a type of debit card. I have a Maestro debit card - the most popular version in the UK. It is run by Mastercard, so I did try to use that at checkout but it refuses. So I re-open my support request to see how I can make a purchase online.

            The response tells me to ring a pre-sales number. I call, I get told to ring a US number as the UK call centre is telling me they only deal with volume licensing. I get passed between US and UK call centres a couple of times until finally somebody in the UK actually LISTENS and COMPREHENDS. They tell me their IT system can only take the same payments as the website, so I would have to use a Mastercard, Visa or Solo. I have none of those, so Adobe lose the direct sale.

            I go to a UK Adobe Reseller. I buy the produt after giving them the same electronic proof of ID I supplied Adobe. They send the product and it arrives quickly. They could take my Maestro card and more payments methods than the giant corporate Adobe who are in the dark ages on payment options - I bet its because they get a commission off Visa or Mastercard for excluding other payment options.

            The box states I cannot return it if opened. It also states that the software cannot be installed without getting serial numbers from Adobe first. So I re-open the case number, tell Adobe the order no from the Adobe Reseller and who/where the Reseller is. (They do volume academic licensing, so Adobe must know them). I provide all the serial numbers and product/lot numbers off the box and await some serial numbers.

            The "Getting Started" support program for new purchases says the target respone time is 4 hours. I have thus far waited over 60. In total, I am no further to using this product until Adobe provide serial numbers. The customer service is woefully dreadful and tortuous. Phoning them gets people who just pass calls around or who say somebody else needs calling/contacting. I am considering returning the product for a refund and getting other alternatives. If this is how Adobe want to play, they deserve students ditching them and seeking alternatives. I am one of the few people on my course trying to buy a legal non-pirate version and Adobe cause all this hassle. The majority on my course downloaded a pirate copy, but at least they are happy using it and getting on with their course successfully.

            My advice to people generally is this, write a letter to Adobe (not email) and provide all necessary proof and a cheque stating you want them to ship the product with serial numbers to avoid support calls. Then it should arrive in one go ready to use. If they cannot do even this, then they deserve to hemorrhage customers and their future users (the graduating students who become experts in using their software and will likely become professional users of it).

            I have now been trying to acquire this software since 29th October 2009 and it's the 12th November 2009. The Adobe Reseller was very swift (2 day turnaround), but not so with Adobe. It seems you fair better if you can download a product and happen to have one of the accepted payment methods. Otherwise, you may as well have the plague for all the help Adobe will give you.


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              In the US, the software usually arrives with the serial number on the back of the inner jewelcase inside the box. You don't need to call Adobe, but you do need to allow the software to log in and activate the software.

              Calling tech support for postal/accounting issues doesn't get you very far. Calling or sometimes emailing Customer Service works faster. Did they tell you to open a support case to submit your student info?

              While Adobe is a constant thorn in my side, their customer service has been acceptable and their response to technical support issues, while sometimes leaving unresolved issues, has always been prompt.

              The option for an 'urgent need' is to download the trial version (good for 30 days or so) and order the software. As far as payment options, there are ways around that as well.

              Many sellers in the US don't take American Express credit cards because the seller has to pay AMEX a higher fee to accept the card. Maybe that is the case with your Maestro card?


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                Hi PrintDriver

                I am referring to the student edition which does not ship with serial numbers. You need to get them off Adobe for which they require student ID.

                Student ID was the first thing Adobe received to facilitate an order. This was two weeks ago.

                I could not download the trial version as we had recently moved (to be near university) and are renting a new property and the phone line was not yet installed, so I was using computer lab time at uni to write to Adobe on the case file.

                There is no fee on a Maestro debit card beyond normal cards. Amex is charging 4.5 - 5% to retailes, while UK debit cards are capped at 2.5%, so Maestro is no different than Solo.

                I posted virtually the same post on the Adobe forum in two places, but included the case number in the hope somebody from Adobe will see it and sort it out.


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                  and i believe you can only install the student version once, is this true?


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                    It can be installed on 2 computers. But they both have to be yours.


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                      And they can't be used concurrently (since it is supposed to only be you using the software).
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                        I just found this link. Apparently CS4 student edition is being offered at a significant discount right now:
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                          I recently started doing some work with Adobe and just wanted to let you guys know that the Adobe Creative Suite 5 Student and Teacher Editions were announced this week. It's available for purchase at up to 80% off the commercial edition and includes all the same features. Definitely a good deal if you meet the eligibility requirements.


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                            thanks for the useful link!


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                              Originally posted by porcelain View Post
                              thanks for the useful link!
                              Yeah no problem. I also should point out that as part of its holiday promotions Adobe is also offering an extra Adobe CS5 Student and Teacher Premium editions. This offer runs between 11/21 - 12/5. So if you're looking to save some money this holiday season and in the market for Adobe software, this is a great deal.
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