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Help! Photoshop Color Picker is all messed up

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  • Help! Photoshop Color Picker is all messed up

    Spontaneously, my Photoshop color picker got all messed up - it now shows a spectrum of rainbow colors instead of one color (light to dark, saturated to unsaturated) like I had before. Any ideas on how to get my previous setting back?

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    Can you post a sreenshot, it's hard to tell exactly what the issue is. I assume it's because you changed your slider settings form the flyout on your color panel.
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      Screenshot would be good...
      and what version of photoshop are you using and Mac or PC?
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        Restart Photoshop and hold down ctrl (cmd) alt and shit and reset the preferences when prompted.

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          Sounds like you may have clicked the "B" button instead of the "H button in the HSB radio button selection category. See below:

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