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  • InDesign CS images colour

    This is something that continues to baffle me ...

    I've been developing images in Photoshop using CMYK, and colours are fine. But sometimes (not always) when I create a new InDesign document, the colours (particularly reds) are drastically different when I place the image into InDesign. Equally baffling, is that one document has a red flower image in it, that displays fine, until I select 'overview print' ... it then greys out.

    Desktop Publishing is still very new to me (never had problems using Photoshop - except, it isn't suitable for publishing). Am I missing something here?

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    It sounds like it is just the preview that play tricks with you.
    In InDesign images always looks like crap,
    that is because in InD you just see a JPG image that simulate the orginale image.
    (On print InD will print the actual Image, NOT the the one you see in InD).
    But make a PDF out of it and the you will see the real colors.
    Did this help?


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      Exporting to PDF ... works like a charm. Thanks for that jetfred ... I never thought to export the image to a file, so as to confirm the true colours. Pain in the bum to keep doing that, but it does offer a colour-like print preview.

      Odd that jpg supports RGB, but as a print preview, it can't properly rasterize the colours like a PDF can ... guess there must be a reason for it.

      Anyways, thanks again. Very useful tip.


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        Great! Glad it help.

        Remember you don't have to make pdf every sec, because you know that all you images will be like
        they are in Photoshop.

        The preview images in InDesign is great, beacuse they allow the program to work really fast.
        (and that's the whole clue with indesign, you are putting things together, but are printing the original files,
        that way you are sure about getting the best quality for print.)


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          Indeed, InDesign is much quicker than Quark in general. Shame they can't get the colour-preview right though ... perhaps when their colour-programmer decides to put it on his to-do list, we can see things just the way they ought to be.

          Merry Christmas to everyone by the way.


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            There is a way in InDesignCS to view the actual images, and not the jpg counterparts, but it takes longer to process the pages. Go under View -> Display Performance and choose "High Quality Display." This will show the full resolution version of the image. Also, after you do this, and your colors still aren't matching, make sure you have Color Management turned on and that both Photoshop and InDesign are using the same color space.
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              I can't try it right now, but resdog ... you could have something there. I did try the Display Performance settings (made no difference to the colour issue), so it certainly could be a color management issue (as you can imagine, all the options at a designers disposal these days is enough to make even Hillman Curtis cringe).

              Will look into that after the christmas festivities (crossing fingers, and hoping I find the right colour setting) ... Merry Christmas to all.






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