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Pixelated Images from Photoshop to InDesign

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  • Pixelated Images from Photoshop to InDesign

    This is probably a dumb question with a simple answer, but any time I try to import or "place" an image into InDesign, it comes out pixelated. I know that scaling it isn't an issue since the images I am creating are made to fit the InDesign template exactly. This happens no matter what I do or what file format is.

    Is there some other way of getting images into InDesign without the pixelation issue?
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    InDesign only shows you a RGB Thumbnail preview generated by InDesign as placement for the image. If you want to change the quality of display go to View>Display Settings.

    You won't get the same quality as you see in photoshop.

    If you need to know what the image size is then go to Window>Info and select the image frame.

    You will see two things - Actual PPI and Effective PPI.

    Actuall PPI shows you what the original PPI of the image is. And Effective PPI shows you the PPI of the image after scaling.

    So if you have a 72 PPI image and you place that at 24%:

    Actual PPI will be 72 PPI

    and the Effective PPI will be 300 PPI

    It's the effective PPI you need to watch.

    It is best to scale your images in Photoshop and place at them the size you need for printing at the desired PPI - InDesign can scale the image, but if you increase the PPI of the image it's likely that you'll need to sharpen the image.

    I don't do the paragraph above; with the scaling to fit in InDesign, as far as I can tell the results are negligible - but doing the above is the correct way to do it, but I've never been able to tell the difference. The audience that I print towards couldn't tell the difference between a lo-res and hi-res image anyway, nevermind a sharpened image vs unsharpened. Perhaps on high-end printing with high LPI you could tell the difference; but I'll leave that decision up to you.
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