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Trying to Export a PDF of an Indesign file, but it's still too big!

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      Hiya Drive

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        Originally posted by hank_scorpio View Post
        Yeh it's fairly image heavy.

        There's an events section at the end with about 30 photos per edition. There's 10 articles with half page images, plus all the author photos (so between 20 - 25 images per article). There's about 10 Regular Feature articles, each with their own photo and author photos. Then 10 internal articles with the author photo and an accompanying article image. One of the articles has news from around the world and a flag for each countries news - so that's about another 20 images.

        Looking at 28 files with about 120mb of data in the InDesign files.

        103 images (roughly) @ 135mb.

        That's not including the cover (3 supplied adverts, and front cover image)

        All in all I finely tuned the PDF to be the smallest file size at just the right resolution for printing.

        In saying that I got a 20mb PDF from a designer before for a 2 sided leaflet. I was not impressed lol.

        Now I've got a concern. I did a 100 page booklet that ended up being a GB and I'm working on a business card that's got a file size of 60 mb (but I'm trying to flatten the contents and the file size jumped to 90mb) What did I miss in export/saving 101??


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          Hi UncleWally, this is an old thread but I will add to your question.

          It sounds like your files are very bloated. A business card should not be 60mb.

          What kind of linked images do you have in there? If it's possible, can you post an example of what a 60mb business card looks like?

          I work in print and I would not be impressed with having to download a 60mb business card file. A 60mb catalogue file sure, but not for a business card file.
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            Sounds like imagery that is at too high resolution for size.
            See it all the time. 4" x 4" photo at 1200ppi is usually unnecessary...(unless scaling up to 24"x24")


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              Buda, Yeah… Sorry for commenting on an old thread. The main reason I did is to provide help others in my situation and I thought it would be a good place (despite the fact that it is old) to include it here.

              I have attached the Business Card to this post, (changed some info on it cause I don't think my upper would like his info online )

              I have flattened the background onto one image and the books on the right are 300dpi .png images.
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                .png images aren't a print format.

                300dpi at what size? If you took a book image that was 8wx10h at 300dpi and made it only 2" high, it is now 1500dpi.
                What size is the background image?


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                  Originally posted by PrintDriver View Post
                  .png images aren't a print format.

                  300dpi at what size? If you took a book image that was 8wx10h at 300dpi and made it only 2" high, it is now 1500dpi.
                  What size is the background image?

                  The books were 300dpi at 8.5 x 11. That makes a lot more sense when it gets re-sized that small for it to be 1500dpi. I went in and selected each individual book and went to object>Rasterize, selected CMYK, High (300 ppi) and transparent background. Did File-Save As over itself (this was suggested on different posts on GDF to remove the possible junk that can get saved) and the overall document size is now 3.4mb.

                  I'm not sure what the original background image size is, however it is a gradient mesh with circles at different opacities placed over it.

                  Forgive me on this next question, When you mention that .png isn't a print format, what file type would be good for print? The overall BC will be saved as a .pdf


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                    When saving a PDF from Adobe Illustrator or Adobe InDesign in the PDF preset try to choose PDFX4-2008
                    this will reduce the file size drastically.

                    you're welcome


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                        Hello! We have a file exported to PDF and then edited in Illustrator. When we tried to export it again it became very huge! Is there a way to reduce the size of the edited file? Am I missing something? Thanks!


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                          Hi Anastasiy and welcome to GDF.

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                            If the file wasn't created in illustrator and if it contains linked images you do not have access to, you really shouldn't be editing it in illustrator.


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                              If you like I can pm you and you can email me the (PDF) and I'll see if I can reduce the file size for you..


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                                This very long thread is well over a year old now. I'm sure the OP has either found a solution or been fired.






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