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Illustrator 'Preview' view mode?

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  • Illustrator 'Preview' view mode?

    Does Illustrator have a 'preview' mode similar to InDesign? I want to view the graphics only in the art board and don't want to see the elements hanging outside of it. I could mask everything in a rectangle but figured Adobe would have a built in preview mode. Do they?


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    Print to PDF and open in Acrobat.


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      I'm no saying this is perfect, but you could build a layer with a large white box, then knock out the "artboard" size from that box and put that layer on the top of everything else.

      I actually do that on a few projects from time to time. It doesn't take that long. Sure it's a few extra steps, but it's still pretty quick to do.
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        Yeah, I've done the Mask Layer type approach to view "in-house" and sometimes in the past have thrown white rectangles around the edge....silly i know but in a rush....
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