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    Hey guys.

    Ok what I'd like to learn is a bit difficult to explain but I'll give it a shot...

    I'm an aspiring logo designer... and something I have yet to learn is how to delete/remove/erase one shape from another one behind it. (picture below)

    So as you can see in the picture, There is an "f" in the square box... but its a white "f"... so it looks like its a void in the box (when the entire logo is on a white background)... but its really not. Its just white.

    What I want to do is actually make it a void so that whatever color is behind both images will be the color of the "f".

    So basically I want to cut that "f" shape out of the box behind it.

    I use Adobe Illustrator CS6.

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    Nice looking logo. Especially the typography. Good work.

    Now the process you are looking to perform is called a boolean process. (Some people call it "welding") In Illy it is performed with the Pathfinder tool. Your version is newer than mine, so the following might vary slightly.

    1 Bring up the Pathfinder Palette Shift+F9 or Select it "Window>Pathfinder>"

    2. Select your "f" and the white tails then choose "add" from the pathfinder tool. You may want to click the "expand button" after this too to visually connect the shapes, but if you don't expand them they remain "editable" in their original state.

    3. Select your newly created "f" shape and the background portion you want to cut it out of, and use "subtract" this time.

    4. If you need to cut the "f" out of both the red and the grey, make a copy of the "f" first (before step 3) so you have a duplicate to perform the boolean subtract a second time.
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      From the looks of that image, the 'tails' don't exist.
      What I'd do is
      1. select the red and gray shapes.
      2. Create compound path (make sure the F stays in front)
      3 SElect the F and also select your compound red/gray thing.
      4. Use Minus Front in the Pathfinder palette.


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        Originally posted by PrintDriver View Post
        From the looks of that image, the 'tails' don't exist.
        You know, I think your right PrintDriver! Good eye. I thought it looked like some little rectangles laid over top.






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