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  • locking users from editing...

    this might throw you a curve, but what i'm hoping to accomplish is to have the same begining and ending tags apply to the same files in MS Front Page.

    Everything was designed with DW and FW, i didnt realize the end users would be doing the updates with FP.


    the monkey makes all the girls bounce!
    *i'm an aerobics instructor too*

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    You mean headers and footers?

    Depending on your server you could use includes and make separate header and footer files.

    FP also has a silly 'navigation' feature which, when properly set up, works kinda neat, but put in the hands of a 'user' blows up immediately.


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      thanks for the reply

      a couple of years ago we were using a bunch of includes on instances like this, but it landed us in a small bit of trouble when then author started wanting more and more cross-linked lower level pages. we axed that headached with DW.

      i vaguley remember FP coming with somehting similar, but i'm in hopes of being able to lock them out while using FP with tags that are compliant within DW.

      my plan is to have them on DW by mid July.

      the monkey makes all the girls bounce!
      *i'm an aerobics instructor too*


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        Use .js headers instead?






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