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  • Convert Line to Object Problem

    Every time I create a line, then convert it to an outline, Corel keeps the original line geometry, but takes off the stroke. So essentially there's invisible nodes just there, and it can still move independently from the object. I don't need, like, nor do I want any of that. It has seriously burned me at work a few times. Our laser sees those little hairlines if leaves around as cut lines, so imagine my excitement when I see something cut in half and don't know why.

    Is there any way to tell Corel to stop doing this? I've trying browsing through the options, but didn't find what I wanted, at least not to my knowledge. We're using CorelDraw X3.

    This is what I'm trying to get rid of. I'll create a line, looks like it should in outline, then I covert outline to an object, creates object just fine, but leaves line geometry.
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    Are you sure that you used the genuine software but not warez? I recommend you to reload and try again.


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      It Works?


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        In Illustrator, if your stroked object has a fill, the fill traps itself under the outlined stroke halfway. Not sure if Corel is the same way. We stopped using Corel maybe 10years ago. In Illustrator, after outlining the stroke on a filled shape, you ungroup and hit trim in the Pathfinder option (then ungroup again if you need elements separated.) The other option, if a fill is not involved, is to try is to select both and Unite. Doesn't really matter what you do, since it is a problem with the cutting equipment you have to check everything that gets sent to that machine.

        The bane of my existence is bezier loops (when the designer has spun the handles so the line overlaps itself.) Thankfully our router software detects these now, even if Illustrator can't. There is nothing more fun that seeing a 1/2" router bit take a one inch bite out of a finished pieced because it is going around a loop. I've had it go around stray points too. 1" holes in the middle of a piece of Moz metal can really make your day ($600 per sheet.)
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