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Protexis Licensing necessary in memory all the time?

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  • Protexis Licensing necessary in memory all the time?

    And the 2 times (64 and 32bit)? Corelcorp. is probably pretty paranoid when you cannot run this service only when you use the product, but have it still in memory after installing CDraw. Nowadays, 8GB RAM and more it's not a problem, but I know from my experience that more background processes cause less stability. I tried to change it to on demand, but if the Corel does not want to run. Can anything be done?
    Thanks for some advice

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    Protexis replaces the external license security dongle that Corel used to have (I think Corel had one, we had sooo many dongle keys 15 years ago, the back of the computer tower had to be 8" away from the wall, LOL.) It is simply a software dongle now. If you disable it, your Corel program will no longer work because the local interface is not registering a license.

    I did some checking, the only time Protexis actively contacts the internet is when you register your software. After that it is only running in the background as a local program that tells the software that requires it that licensing is all set for the software that requires a soft dongle. It doesn't "phone home". It's only installed once, so any program that requires a software key uses the one program.

    Bloatware? Maybe. But it apparanty only uses 1.5mb of ram memory when running, it shouldn't be causing any slowdowns.
    Instability? Only if it goes insane and forgets you have a license. Before that happens, read up briefly on what you need to do if it does, so you aren't spending a lot of downtime during a deadline crisis trying to figure it out.
    Hate outside security software? Just figure everything you do on a computer connected to the internet is monitored.

    I did see some hacks on how to possibly disable it. Since I'm not particularly interested, I leave that part for you to research.


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      I know that Protexis is like a software dongle. What I wanted was to abolish permanent presence in memory - ie run on demand. Corel does not work with every day. If this approach had all producers of programs, then the amount of resident memory fit a similar type ... and nothing else then LOL






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