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    Is it really possible that there is no way to highlight text by selecting the text?? Creating and adjusting little rectangles, making them partially transparent, and putting them behind words you want highlighted seems extremely work intensive..... Not to mention having to move and readjust all of them every time you edit the text.....:-(.......

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    Hi Janet, I haven't worked in Corel Draw in about 10 years but in other design layout programmes you can highlight text but using the text underline tool.

    Here's a tutorial on how to do it Indesign. Perhaps it can translate to a similar result in Corel Draw?
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      Janet, open the Text Properties panel. Under Character, look for the 'ab' with the yellow highlight. With your text/word selected, choose 'uniform fill' and your highlight color. The 3 dots to the right open the color picker for more options.


      • janetb
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        Hi Callendale,
        Sorry---forgot to say X5.... No Text Properties Panel.... Only Text tab on Object Properties panel....No 'ab' with yellow highlight...:-(....

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      Sorry, Janet – I didn't think to ask what version. I don't have X5, just X4 and X6. X4 doesn't have all the text options either. Just saw your question in the Corel forum. I think X6 has everything you want (inc. editing groups). Upgrades are $169 right now.
      You asked about ALT-Click. That allows you to select an object covered by another object.


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        As I posted later, Alt-click on the Underline icon gives you highlighting option in some program(s)....:-)....






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