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CorelDraw screen speed redraw - a constant problem

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  • CorelDraw screen speed redraw - a constant problem

    The problem with screen content redrawing takes time. See here or here
    I'm surprised it does not discuss anywhere, and it's as if no one minds. With each new version I expect it will solve this issue. Probably it will be a major part of the code, which is not easy to change. Is it really such a big problem if, for ex. Illustator can do it? Only longtime habit will not let me change for this program. Corel is a great piece of sw, but this thing really annoys me. Can we do something about it?
    Thanks for any feedback or advice of what to do

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    This looks like a RAM problem, especially with PCs. It could even be a VRAM problem with your video card. I would close all other programs. I don't know if you can change the amount of RAM the program uses or if that kind of thing is an issue these days. You could try exporting it to illustrator to see if you get better results.

    I haven't used PCs or CorelDraw for graphics since the 1990's.


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      It is more likely that your hard drive is full or fragmented. All of the drawing programs these days require a lot of open scratch space to store history and rewrite files. CD is no exception. For the large format stuff I do, I keep as close to 200gigs free as I can and run a script pretty often that defrags stuff. And I'm on a mac.


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        well, I use CDraw since the first versions too (v4-5). I always tried to have the machine in terms of performance above average. This issue affects all versions until the latest one. Sshots are for vX7_64bit with latest updates, hotfixes, the latest video card drivers on Win7 64 bit SP1. The pc is intel dual core i3 3,5ghz processor, 8 GB RAM, 250 gigabytes intel ssd hd (no fragmentation problem), video Intel HD Graphics 2500 (integrated - nothing special) with NEC 26inch display. I tried it on other machines high end i7 processor, 32gb ram, same result. I don't think there is a reason. When I import this file into Illustrator, that manages it perfectly with average configuration. Without any similar mistakes in the display. On the same machine. What machine configuration do u have?

        CDR file is about 2MB, there is a number of objects, raster images, transparent parts, some levels. They are mostly imported 2D DWG drawings and floor plans and views for presentation, which I used to do in Corel. I.e. rather memory intensive visual operations to redraw.


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          Where did the dwg imports come from? I get things all the time from Vectorworks and AutoCAD that have fills or hatches in them with way too many points. Or they are exploded into a million little tiny splines. Either is almost impossible to work with and usually requires I ask for a clean up.

          But even Adobe Illustrator will bog down if you use the effects, especially multi-layer effects, and most especially if you use blurs.

          A 250 gig hard drive isn't very large, but if you say it isn't fragmented, I don't know what else to tell you. The rest of the specs should handle a "2mb" file.


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            try to see this file
            almost 2mb file with 2d drawing for CDRaw X7 with some transparencies
            let me know if that issue is same, or if is at all on your machine

            I try to have a hdd up to 50% free space
            it is SSD (no fragmentation)
            I think it may be a thing of the driver, or the video card ever
            Even on another machine with i7-4900MQ and AMD FireProM6100 with 2GB VRAM is it same...


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              The only other thing I would suspect is that the amount of memory the CorelDraw program is using is too low. Check to see if there is any settings for memory used by the program or scratch disk setting.


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                I would use Windows Task Manager to see how much memory Corel Draw is using. I don't know if this is still true, but one of the things Corel Draw used to do on startup is load all font information (installed fonts plus any in its own folder) into its own memory space. If you have a lot of fonts installed this will use up a lot of memory and slow things down considerably.
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                  Originally posted by designzombie View Post
                  The only other thing I would suspect is that the amount of memory the CorelDraw program is using is too low. Check to see if there is any settings for memory used by the program or scratch disk setting.
                  well, x7 has no memory or scratch disk settings. Win7 should manage that....


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                    I really apologize to everyone when I pull it again. But I would like to understand the principle of work of Corel and/or if it happens only to me.
                    I gave advice on upgrading graphics, new card is nVidia Geforce GTX750Ti 2GB DDR5 RAM, 128bit. While I know that in 2D applications such as CorelDraw graphics card is secondary, just I would like to return to this topic. No one met a similar mess on the monitor as I do? It is not only issue of bigger or complex files at all. Time response is a part of smaller files too.
                    Once again send screenshots of the same file - before screen panning and during
                    Perhaps nobody doesn't work with Corel on similar projects? I don't believe that. So I was pretty upset. I'm looking everywhere for a satisfactory explanation, cannot find anything. Maybe my poor English to explain the problem is the reason of unclosed topic (for me). Who will be kindly to tell something, I welcome any idea or experience. Before closing this discussion I have this last question. Even if Illustrator don't have similar problem. I don't want to migrate to another software, I'm tired of change. Corel is my long-term concern ;-). Maybe it would be corrected by the new version? What about this?
                    Thanks for reactions.






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