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CorelDraw at windows 10

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  • CorelDraw at windows 10

    I would like to ask how is working CorelDraw on windows 10. I was using it a lot in old times when I was using windows 7 but the truth is that it was pretty useless on windows 8 and 8.1 because of bugs and crashes all the time. Does anyone know if they fixed it and how it works now?

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    For me it works exactly the same as it did in windows 7. The only problem I've ever had with it was it crashing when I'm closing the program, and it still does that.
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      Originally posted by Obsidian86 View Post
      For me it works exactly the same as it did in windows 7. The only problem I've ever had with it was it crashing when I'm closing the program, and it still does that.
      Thanks! Have you tried corel on windows 8? I wonder if it's something wrong with my PC or maybe it's common issue on windows 8 that it keeps crashing all the time?


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        What version of CorelDraw are you using? I use X5 and yes the bugs were a lot in windows 8, but I think its something from the Corels side not the OS !


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            A lot of times, when an OS is updated, the older software will break.
            It's called planned obsolescence.
            How else do you think software designers keep in business.

            If a piece of software isn't working on a new system update, contact the software company to see if there is a patch. Most times you have to go up to the next upgrade though.

            I can still remember when Mac stopped supporting OS8 entirely. When my last dual-booting computer died, I suddenly had a whole shelf full of games that no longer run. At all. Just spits the disk back out. Most of them no longer exist. That shelf represents a lot of hard earned cash flushed down the tubes.


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              It works fine for me on Windows 10. I've been using x8 for a while.


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