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  • Corel Sand Writing Effect

    Hey folks... brand new here and look forward to visiting and hoping to contribute also. Looking to do a project for a friend and what they want is for me to create some text in the sand of a beach image.

    What is the best way to accomplish this in Corel. Using the x5 suite right now. I have seen some tutorials online but nothing that worked well for what I was trying to do.

    I have attached a generic beach photo and like I said just looking to do some text on it like it is appearing to be written int he sand. Would prefer to use the text tool as I have a cool looking Sandwriting font so I guess the next step would be to some how apply specific effects to the text

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    Hi Captain and welcome to GDF.

    We ask all new members to read very important links here and here. These explain the rules, how the forum runs and a few inside jokes. No, you haven't done anything wrong, we ask every new member to read them. Your first few posts will be moderated, so don't panic if they don't show up immediately. Enjoy your stay
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      Thanks .... will do. Here also is the example of the sand area where I am looking to have this writing to appear
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