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Missing colors in CorelDraw

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  • Missing colors in CorelDraw

    Hello. I have Windows 10 and CorelDraw X8 installed.
    Before creating new file everything looks fine (as you can see here: )
    But when new document is created (with RGB color mode, not CMYK) main color palette gets messed up. Many colors are missing and replaced with blacks. You can see it here: (on the right side).
    I tried reinstalling it, restoring default settings etc but nothing helps. Any ideas how to fix it?

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      Were the colors that turned black Pantone colors? See if there is an update available from Corel.


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        Colors that are black are random RGB colors. They still have their original names, for example 40% Black. But after using them objects are colored with #000000 black. There is no update available.


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            I've read the Coreldraw manual a few times but not recently.
            Do you have a setting someplace that tells the program to either make gray black or convert gray to CMYK values? If the colors that are becoming full black are percentage grays, that might be part of it. I'd also check into your profile settings as described here:

            If all else fails you can try this:

            Anything that messes with a production workflow gets an immediate call to support.
            I was on with Adobe all last week regarding a couple nice new big fat bugs in InDesign CC2015. The fix for one was ''deal with it until we decide to fix it,'' the other was trashing prefs on a regular basis, sometimes 3x per day. NOT happy.


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              I don't have any additional settings. Fresh installation of Corel without any changes does that. Is there a possibility that something is wrong with my OS? Something is missing so Corel can't get colors right?






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