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Text-to-path for letters which are curves, not text

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  • Text-to-path for letters which are curves, not text

    CorelDraw x5

    Is there a way to stretch hand calligraphy converted to curves into a circle (i.e., following a circular path)? I mean something like text-to-path, but the letters are not text... I would like to have the calligraphed/vectorized letters follow a circular path and be able to stretch the lettering along that path.
    Also, I would also like the the letters on the bottom half of the circle not to be upside down, if possible....

    Thanks for any help!

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    Perhaps you can make this tutorial work for you. How tedious it is depends on how many letter shapes you have.

    You may have to fiddle with the blend. I found that the orientation choice on the right works best (objects axies aligned rather than vertical)
    Remember to add spaces to your blend count.
    Remember you can rotate the symbols after you place them. 180 will completely flip the letter. If you need to work with other angles, remember the slices of your pie are 360 divided by the number of letters and spaces you are working with.


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      It not possible in Corel DRAW. at least in 2017 version of the software. A workaround that i can recommend is to convert he cali into a font and place into curve after that. Of course it depends on the complexity of the calig. ( is it possible to be converted to a font.)
      Workaround 2: you can cut all the letters and use the regular tools + envelope to place them manually on the circle/elipse/curve.
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