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  • Calendars in corel draw


    Just wondering if anyone knows of an easy way to make Calendars in Corel Draw? cause i dont really want to do it by hand.

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    what vesrion you using i know they have the templaes for calenders but on our version there is no type ie no dates
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      Go Oberon web site;

      You can download a calendar Wizard for corel 10, 11 and 12.
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        if you want flexibility with your calendar use the grid tool. define the rows and columns, click and drag for size, then ungroup all. you'll be left with a bunch of rectangles you can manipulate individually.

        or if you really want to go nuts with your control, the position transformation and the align and distribute menu are your friends. Draw one line, then have at it.


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          im using calendar Wizard addon for Corel x6.


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