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Using CorelDraw to create rhinestone transfer for tee's

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  • Using CorelDraw to create rhinestone transfer for tee's

    I design tee shirts and I am trying to create some sample rhinestone tee's to show my customers. I was trying to research online to find the easiest, most economical way to create these samples because trying to order them from a company is costly due to the fact they wont create 1 or 2 samples - they want you to buy in bulk quantity.

    I read a post in another forum where a person said that CorelDraw can be used to make the patterns for the rhinestone transfers. Basically I need a software that can generate 2mm dots on the design in uniform order so that I can apply the rhinestones.

    I am including a link of what I am trying to explain because I do not think I am doing a great job.

    Can someone please scroll to the bottom and look at the pictures of this particular software and tell me if there is a way I can do this with coreldraw or any oter software?


    P.S. - Sorry if I wasnt supposed to post that link but if I'm not please remove it and people can PM for the link.
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    Are you looking to glue ACTUAL rhine stones on shirts, or just prunt pictures of them?

    I would just create a brush of SMALL dots, print it on the shirt and then glue a rhine stone on top of it by hand. Not the most efficient way to do this, but atleast you will have a sample or two to show customers...
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