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Cropping round images in Corel DRAW 10 /PHOTO-PAINT 10

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  • Cropping round images in Corel DRAW 10 /PHOTO-PAINT 10

    Hello all,

    My first post here. I am having trouble cropping a round object out of asquareimage in Corel DRAW 10 / PHOTO-PAINT 10. Copying / cutting isn't working. What should I do? Basically, I need to cut (crop) a round object out of a JPEG file and insert it into another JPEG (for a web page).

    Thanks to anyone who gives some advice. I admit I am no expert.

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    Apparently no one else is an expert either.

    Did you try using a round mask?

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      What Keyare said, use the round mask tool, select, invert the selection mask, and delete, or select copy, create a new layer(or paste into new image)and paste the selected/copied object to a new layer. Works in photoshop as well.

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        I'm a long time lurker but a first time poster,

        I've been trying to copy an oval part of a picture with no luck. I read the post above and I must be missing a step. I import my image from Corel Scan into Photo Paint 8, use the oval mask tool to select the part of the picture I want to retain, invert, and delete the part of the picture I don't want. I copy the oval part of the picture, go to my page I'm working on in Corel Draw 8, paste the oval image, and it looks like the oval photo image is on a white square piece of paper. I haven't been able to paste just the oval. Am I missing a step? Doing something wrong? I've been working on this for 2 evenings now and it's driving me nuts.

        By the way, when I copy the oval image, it still has the blue mask line that looks like ants running. I'm sure I'm missing a step.

        Thanks, IMSA


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          Don't use copy and paste. Save the PPaint file as a PSD (or TIFF, if the selection's intact) and CDraw should pick up the transparency. From their you can freely use 'Edit Bitmap' to open the image back into PPaint, but it doesn't work just going directly from PPaint like that.

          Another point: why are you creating the oval masks in PPaint when it's dead easy to create (and edit) a vector oval PowerClip mask in CDraw?


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            Thank you for your reply Broacher,</o>
            It's not that I'm dead set creating an oval mask in Photo Paint, I'm just trying to create an oval mask anywhere to use in Corel Draw 8. I'm not familiar with the PowerClip mask procedure. If isn't too much trouble, could you explain the process? DoI start by importing my picture first? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.</o>


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              Nevermind Broacher, I think I got the Power clip thing figured out. I had no idea it would be that easy. Again, thank you!



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                I just had this same problem, but with a rectangular mask. Thank you very much for your help. Your message helps even after so many years from the date of writing.


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