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Beginer help with logo in corel draw x5

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  • Beginer help with logo in corel draw x5

    Hi I need some help with the corel photo paint x-5,I`m beginer and I want eliminate all the background of the picture staying just the word Lucas,I dont want to make a new text writing lucas I want is that word from the picture.Can you make one step by step tuturial how to make it.
    Thanks and sorry for my bad English
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    Welcome nmsi!

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      What is your intended use? If you're intention was to blow it up, based off this images size, you are sadly mistaken.


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        If you are looking to pull a logo from that picture, your best bet is to see if you can get it from the source. In this case it is the Lucas Oil logo.

        Second choice is to trace it using the bezier tool in Corel Draw.

        To actually do want you say is to use the cliping mask. However, like was said earlier, you won't be able to enlarge this with any clarity.

        The methods using a bezier tool, or cliping mask can be found by google using terms "How to use bezier tool in CorelDraw" or "how to use Cliping mask in Corel Photo-paint"


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          If you are using the Lucas Oil logo legitimately, they would be seriously upset with you redrawing it with the pen tool.






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