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    I work with Vector & Raster images & text effects. Currently do a lot of work for bars and nightclubs so you can see what type of 'typical design' I do. I'm looking to further my knowledge and start using more applications such as InDesign and Illustrator etc.

    One thing that has started to interest me is Graphics Tablets.. I had a little play with the one Apple sell in store and it seemed cool although would take a lot of time to get used to.

    Anyone have any recommendations on which brand or model to look at when buying? and are the worth it?

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    I've always used wacom products, they're quality, they keep their drivers up to date (my very first tablet still works on the machine I have today and it's over a decade old, it still has the original nib in the stylus too), the stylus don't require batteries...

    I've noticed the nib wearing down on my latest stylus, but I'm using it 8+ hours a day 5 days a week.

    Size is a preference thing IMHO I prefer the small tablets, they require less movement and take up less desktop realty and they're far more portable. A colleague of mine recently purchased a large version, after about a week they wished they had purchased the small version. I imagine the large one might be better for illustrators opposed to designers.
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      Go with Wacom. I prefer smaller Wacom tablets because I'm cheap and lazy. The bigger the tablet, the more of a workout

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